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Client Testimonials

ANPAC cares about how your claim is handled. You can't put a dollar figure on their service.


This is the best claims experience I've had for an insurance loss. Thank you!


Personal and professional staff with prompt attention to what matter to their clients. Thanks!


This letter of appreciation to you, your staff and American National Insurance Company is long overdue.

Most people would not know of, or recall, the wildfires that devastated Bastrop County over Labor Day weekend, 2011. Our home was one of over 1,600 homes destroyed. Suddenly you are part of a disaster shown on national news. You never think it will happen to you. You never think you will lose all your belongings and personal memorabilia in a matter of seconds. You never think you won't be going home.

Initially, we were fortunate to get a hotel room in Bastrop. One call to Stephanie and the ball was rolling. She made contact with all the necessary staff within what seemed like minutes. Calls were coming in from American National personnel right and left. We didn't realize our homeowner's policy covered things like housing, which we are still using, and immediate cash to take care of necessities - even rental furniture and household items.

Stephanie would call to see how we were doing which was just as helpful as her aggressive and positive approach to the matters at hand. Actually, all the American National staff was excellent at making sure we had daily updates and knew what to expect. They work together as professionals with compassion each step of the way.

We finally came to the decision to build a new home (not in Bastrop). We are still receiving assistance from Stephanie and American National Insurance Company. Stephanie is able to insure in the new area where we will reside. We are very pleased.

Julia and James

I have to say that I have never been treated so well by any company, let alone an insurance company! The minute I called I was treated so nicely. When I told my neighbors about how well I was treated, that I didn't even have to complete long, complicated forms, and my car was parked back at my home as beautiful as ever, they could not believe it! All within two weeks, too. I have given my agents number to several family and friends. Thank you for making this process so smooth.

Brenda V.

I have the best insurance with the most helpful, incredible staff in Henderson, Nevada. They take care of me and my grown children as if we were one big family! No problem or situation or simple question is EVER a bother and generally resolved or answered within 10 minutes! I will NEVER have a 1-800 insurance! Personal service is peace of mind. Thank you!

Kathleen C.

My claim was handled more smoothly and easily and efficiently than I could have imagined. Every associate I have dealt with has been so polite, encouraging, efficient, knowledgable and friendly. I will be bragging about ANPAC and telling all my friends about your excellent service. ANPAC has our business for good! Thank You!

David N.

Thanks for using the Internet to inform us of policy due dates and allowing payment through the Internet. I am currently in Seattle, WA and this has allowed me to keep my insurance in force in Texas.

James M.

I like the new Paperless feature!

Bill G.

I have had American National Insurance for about 10 years. I have never had a problem with the company and my agent is very professional and attentive to my needs. I also have got quotes from other agencies over the years to make sure I was getting the best quotes, American National has ALWAYS been hundreds of dollars cheaper. I always recommend them to all my friends and family.

Rachael S.

Your agents are the strength of your company.

Johnny N.

A good company outright (the best)!

Mark H.

Having your property stolen and destroyed is a terrible experience. The best way I can describe it is that it 'changes you'. Not is there only a loss of property, but that of trust, freedom and security. Based on stories I had heard from others that had similar experiences, I expected the insurance process to be another phase of this terrible experience. First, I want to thank you for ensuring that I was properly covered. I can honestly say that I did not pay as much attention to the details of my insurance terms as I should have and I trusted my agent and he did a great job. While by most measures, this most likely was not a big claim or major deal for you, it was a big deal for us and my wife and I greatly appreciate the tremendous service that we received from ANPAC. Thank you.

- Gil H.

Haven't ever dealt with a better Claims department - outstanding job! Very satisfied!

- Jimmie C.

I was actually amazed at how compassionate your people were. Everything was handled above my expectations.

- Diana R.

The best agent we have EVER had.

- Noreen

I'm very thankful I have insurance with a great company!

- Guthrie, OK

The efficiency and timeliness of the claim would be hard to improve on.

- Jerry A.

Best insurance company I have ever dealt with!

- Wisner, LA

The mark of an insurance company is not how good their agents are or how low their premiums are, although those are both important. The true mark of an insurance company is how well they handle problems and claims. Your staff and representatives have all been outstanding, each has been professional, courteous, and kind. I thank you for these people and for doing what you promised to do so many years ago when I signed up with your company. You have truly taken care of me and I am extremely grateful.

Thank you.

- Mary G.

I have never had such prompt and such fast help with any other insurance.

- C and U

Everything went very smooth and it was great service. Thank You!

- Jennifer

ANPAC made a lifetime customer of me by the way my claim was handled. A bad experience (the fire) was turned into a bearable experience with all your help. I have recommended your company to several people.

- Danny S.

I never had the true understanding of the coverage and reasons for coverage until dealing with my agents office and his staff. I can truly say I feel I am covered and that is a wonderful feeling.

- Marc

Our American National agent is great. We have always got answers to questions within 24 hours, usually within 2 hours! He makes us feel like neighbors or good friends instead of clients.

- Leah S.

When a natural disaster occurs, it is a problem most people do not want to deal with. We have heard many negative stories from people we know, who also had hail damage and insurance claims. But because of ANPAC, the whole process was made easier for us.

Were were very pleased and satisfied with the help and service we received. The adjusters responded and came to our house in a very timely manner. The representatives sent us letters and the checks soon thereafter.The claims were handled in a very efficient and timely manner, and we wanted to give credit where it was due.

We have completed all the work on our house and it looks great! And we thank you all for your assistance with our claims. I have recommended this Insurance Company to others who have had problems with their companies."

- Michael S.

"I have sent this letter to inform you as to how friendly and professional your claims writer was. He received this claim report (job) late on a Friday afternoon and realized that my address was in route to and from his hunting camp. On the return route home, he came by on a Saturday afternoon and prepared the estimate. I was not home - but the vehicle and my wife were. He also made a special trip back to my home when I had a question about the claim and agreed that other items should have been added. You do NOT get service like this much anymore.

I realize that my claim was a small one compared to the things you guys deal with everyday - but to me it was a major interruption in my life and I appreciate the way they handled my claim.

As a matter of fact, I was working the 7PM to 7AM shift and the claims rep and I never talked personally. We did, however, exchange ALL information needed to make the claim process a successful one. He left me voice mails with all the needed information and I returned his message with a return voice mail with his needed information. This type of service allowed me to get my normal sleep and still handle my claim. The claim process went through without a hitch and his professional service did NOT cause my sleep pattern to be interrupted.

I would also like to mention my agent for his continued service to my account. You can always count on him to be there for you every time you call and have any question.

Thanks again to the claim operator, the claims writer, the claims representative, and my agent. It is no wonder you guys have a successful company." - Rick K

"I absolutely love this insurance company! You have great rates and your people are always there to help and answer any questions! A big THANK YOU goes to our agent who is always there for me! Because of her kindness, understanding, and helpfulness, I will be a long time customer." - Marnie W

"There was a flood last spring. I lost everything. The bright spot was our agent. She had called just to see how I was and my phone was under 8 feet of water. She was there after the water went down to help with all the paperwork, money, and FEMA. She was amazing! I don't know what I would have done." - Dan F

"I am very pleased with ANPAC. I have had other dealings with other insurance companies and ANPAC exceeds them all." - Teresa C

"Once again, thank you very much for your assistance with this process. It was the first time we have had to work through this type of situation with our home being damaged and the attendant worry. Your help and your patience with us, as well as your graciousness in answering what seemed like endless questions and concerns made this experience much less stressful than it could have been I am sure. This clearly demonstrates why we are clients of ANPAC and will continue to be so for quite some time." - Bryan A.

"I could not have had better service from a claims agent. She was very patient. She answered every question I had, explained how all payments would be paid and made sure that I was a satisfied client. I assure you that I am. " - Gerald H.

"My wife & I were extremely pleased with ANPAC's service and the repair garage recommendation. It was a seamless process." - Robert R.

"This has been the most efficient and courteous insurance company I have ever dealt with." - J Cruz

"I called the Home Office and the girl who answered told me exactly what I needed to do. She sent the forms and the adjuster was super. He took care of everything!" - R Wolfe

"Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. You made a stressful event easier to deal with" - A Deangelo

"ANPAC is like the atomic clock at the air base in Colorado - nanosecond dependable!" - Larry L.

"Ken Breen has all of our insurance. We're on CA$HBACK, and will be getting our first check soon. We're thrilled with what he has done for us and especially that CA$HBACK program." -A Chudy

"I would definitely recommend my friends and family to American National for their excellent service. - R Brunner

"Please pass on my appreciation to Sean, in Claims Services. Sean was patient, empathetic and extremely professional throughout the entire process. I always felt like he was an advocate for me. This also came as a complete surprise. I will continue to refer all of my friends/family to you/ANPAC." - Jay M.

"I took some information from a previous Car Show, called the 800 number and received Chris Larsen's name. He has been super. We love all the coverages, and you guys are cheaper than anyone else. That CA$HBACK program is great and Chris has been really helpful!"" - J Bond

"We tell everybody about your insurance plan. We have two friends and family who have already changed their insurance to ANPAC. You have saved us a lot of money." - B Kemp

"...Your company did everything just as they said. I will tell the good experience every chance I get. Again, thank you for being as good as your Internet page states." - Sandy G.

"We are looking forward to receiving our next CA$HBACK check. It should be around $700" - The Lessers

"I've had ANPAC for over 30 years and I tell everyone about it!" - W Collins

"I was very pleased with how our claim was handled and appreciated the personal service". - Stephen R.

"John Evans has all of our insurance,we are getting anxious to receive our 2nd CA$HBACK check in April, just in time to plan our vacation." - The Mowrers

"From the initial phone call to the end result, my claim was handled very professionally and promptly. I can't imagine how service could be improved" - J Sidney
"Excellent Service! I was amazed!" - D Rasmussen