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Examples of Losses Covered for Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage

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  • Overuse of a heat pump system caused internal damage to the compressor. Replacement cost of the compressor and the refrigerant including labor cost was $8,008.
  • Deep well pump mechanism burned out cutting off the home water supply. Repair required excavation, removal of well pump and related piping to complete the replacement. Total loss was $5,035.

Built-in Equipment

  • A built-in oven required repairs due to broken electronic controls as a result of an electrical short. Repair cost was $934.
  • Replacement of a counter mounted dishwasher was necessary due to control device failure. Repair was not viable. Cost to replace the dishwasher was $1,537.
  • A permanently installed wine chiller failed after the compressor burned out. Cost to replace the unit was $3,060.

Boilers and Water Heaters

  • The failure of the water level control device in a cast iron boiler resulted in the burner continuing to burn and boil out all the water in the vessel. The boiler cracked as a result of the low water cut off failure. Cost of replacement was $5,000.
  • An oil furnace suffered a cracked heat exchanger and needed to be replaced. The replacement cost was $3,500.


  • Central air conditioning system sustained electrical burnout. Total cost to replace the system was $10,024.
  • A security gate motor burned out due to an internal electrical short. Cost to repair the motor was $1,750.
  • A bathroom spa system was found to have internal electrical burnout of the controls and wiring. The cost of repairs was $7,435.

Air Conditioning

  • The compressor on an air conditioning system seized up due to lack of lubrication and needed to be replaced. Replacement cost of the compressor was $2,448.
  • A heating and air conditioning unit sustained cracked coils, resulting in replacement of the unit. Total loss was $9,650.
  • An air conditioning unit's evaporator coil cracked, resulting in direct physical damage to the air conditioning unit. The cost to complete the repairs was $869.
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