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Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Homeowners

Although you might take them for granted, you probably depend on several major equipment systems to keep your home comfortable. You might assume that your homeowners policy would cover the cost of repairs to these systems should they break down. But the fact is that mechanical breakdown is not a covered cause of loss under most traditional homeowners policies.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Homeowners is an affordable way to protect these valuable systems.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Homeowners provides coverage for equipment that is built-in, or permanently attached, to the home; transmits or utilizes energy; or has contents that are under vacuum or pressure.

Examples of covered equipment Examples of what is NOT covered equipment
  • Central Air conditioning systems
  • Back-up generators
  • Ventilation systems and fans
  • Chair lifts and elevators
  • Boilers and water heaters
  • Electric power panels
  • Furnaces, heat pumps, heaters, solar heaters
  • Central vacuums
  • Well pumps
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Supporting structure, cabinet or compartment
  • Insulating material associated with "covered equipment"
  • Sewer piping, buried vessels or piping forming a part of a fire protective sprinkler system
  • Water piping other than boiler feed water piping, boiler condensate return piping or water piping forming a part of a refrigerating or air conditioning system
  • Kitchen or laundry appliances, other than those permanently installed, including but not limited to refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, clothes washer or clothes dryer
  • Electronic entertainment or computer equipment, including by not limited to television or stereo equipment or any electronic component used with such electronic entertainment or computer equipment

View some examples of losses covered by Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage.

Warranties are Not Enough

Warranties and service contracts can offer some coverage for home equipment, but they can be expensive. Warranty contracts can also have restrictions on the types of equipment, parts and labor to be covered. And these contracts generally exclude breakdowns resulting from installation error, improper maintenance and other external events, which can cost thousands to repair.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Homeowners is designed for the larger losses that can present a significant financial burden to homeowners, not everyday maintenance issues resulting from wear and tear. Please contact your local agent for more information about the differences between this product and warranty products.

Easy Preventative Maintenance Tips for Reducing Homeowners Equipment Exposure

Gas-Fired, Forced-Air Central Heating Systems:
- Inspect the thermostat, electrical components and controls
- Check the heat exchanger, flue, ducts, airflow and air fuel mixture
- Adjust the burner, and oil the motor and circulation fan

Evaporative Air Conditioners:
- Clean reusable filters, or replace disposable filters
- Clean evaporator or condenser coils
- Condensate drain when in use, and clear debris from outside the unit

Hot Water Heater:
- Drain a quart of water from the tank four times a year to keep hot water unit functioning at peak efficiency

Heat Pump:
- Schedule an annual service call to have a certified professional inspect the wiring, check belts and replace if needed and oil the moving parts.

Oil-Fired Boilers:
- Schedule an annual service call for flue cleaning, a fuel-filter change, cleaning and adjustment of the jets.