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Using Car Shows as Charity Fundraisers - Part 1

Hosting a car show can be an ideal way to raise money for your favorite charity, community group, school, church or cause. Collector car and truck owners tend to be a very generous group of people, and they appreciate the opportunity to showcase their prized vehicles for a good cause. Not to mention the fact that they love being able to talk shop with other car buffs and show off a bit to awe-struck spectators!

In the next few weeks, we'll be sharing a series of articles that will take you through the entire process of planning a charity car show. If you have any questions about the information, or would like more ideas, please be sure to let us know. Best wishes for a great event!

Assembling a Planning Committee

One of your first steps in putting together a charity car show should be to organize a planning committee, if there are enough people interested in helping. One person should be appointed the president, or primary decision maker, to help facilitate and guide the planning process. You will also want to designate individuals to coordinate the following aspects of the show, if they are applicable to your event -

  • Judging
  • Registration
  • Logistics/Parking
  • Volunteers
  • Fundraising/Sponsorships
  • Promotion
  • Vendors
  • Cleanup

If your planning committee is going to be very large, it is recommended that you designate a leader for each applicable category, and assign the remaining members of the committee to each different "team."


Most car shows will require many volunteers. It will probably be helpful to designate one person to coordinate the different types of volunteers that you'll need. They can figure out how many people will be needed for each task and "organize" all of the people who want to help, according to their strengths. That way, everyone has clearly defined roles the day of the show, and there won't be any confusion about who will be doing what. Examples of volunteer categories include registration, judging, parking, food and drink vending, raffle ticket sales, cleanup, silent auction, sponsorships, etc.